In order to ensure the customers’ right when buying commodities at Colantotte Vietnam, the products at Colantotte Vietnam are listed with specific and clear prices.
+ Listed price is the uniform price across the entire country.
+ The product price is price included VAT.
– In the promotion programs on the occasion of the national holidays, Colantotte Vietnam will list the specific selling price, the price applied for the promotion program and the effective time of the above price. After the promotion time, the price will return to the original price listed at the store.


– Pay directly at the shop
– Transfer under following information:
+ Account No.: 200014851202106
+ Account Holder: HOPES CO., LTD.
+ Bank: Eximbank – HCMC Branch


1. Purpose:
In order to ensure customers’ right, increase quality of service after the sale, Colantotte Vietnam will support customers to change the products of same kind if there is problem unable to solve (due to technical fault of the manufacture). Products are only changed when the following conditions are satisfied:
– Time limit for request of change: within the warranty time set by Colantotte Vietnam.
– The product is not damaged in form (scratches, broken, deformed, stained…).
– The changed product must be accompanied by supporting documents (purchase order form, VAT invoice, warranty sheet…).

2. Fee for return of goods
Customers shall pay the return fee.

3. Accepted errors for warranty:
The warranty is only accepted for technical errors caused by the manufacturer.
– Weld decay: the joints on the product are not connected properly and completely knocked out of the connection point but there is no nick at the connection points.
– Loss of plate layer: occurring due to the uneven plating, spraying process of the manufacturer not flow. The plate or paint layer is peeling off before use (except for cases where the plate or paint layer is lost under the use of the owner for a long time in exposed points or due to salty sweat).
– Bust out of magnet : The magnet is not sewn into the garment closely and get out of the sewing point.

4. Unaccepted errors for warranty:
– Product sent for warranty lacks full details as the time of delivery.
– Not warranty for errors caused by improper preservation of consumer or improper use of product according to the guidance or failure of compliance to notice at use.
– Products purchased in sale off or promotion cases are not warranty.

5. Process for return procedure:
– Customer contacts directly with Colantotte Vietnam to conduct the return of goods in accordance with the rules and procedures of the store.
– Time to process the return procedure: the store will notify customer in each specific case.


1. Purpose:
Transport policy is defined with the expectation of creating increasing value for customers purchasing products in Colantotte Vietnam.

2. Scope of application:

2.1. Subjects:
– All customers purchasing in Colantotte Vietnam.

2.2. Areas of application:
– Free delivery over the country.

3. Content:
– Colantotte Vietnam provides at-door delivery services to customers (if required) as stipulated in clause 2.2.
+ Delivery of goods within 3 days from the date the store contact to inform the delivery in the area of Ho Chi Minh City.
+ Delivery of goods within 7 days from the date of delivery contact to inform the delivery in other area in the country.


Colantotte Vietnam is committed to protect the privacy of your information. Please read the “Privacy Policy” below to understand more our commitments in order to respect and protect the interests of the visitor.

1. Collection of personal information:
– Currently, www.colantotte.vn does not require the registration of personal information to access the website.
– We may collect information about times of visits, including the number of pages you visit, the links you click on, and other information related to your visit to www.colantotte.vn. using personal information.
– We collect and use your personal information for proper purposes and in full compliance with this Privacy Policy as needed. We may use this information to assess the needs and behaviors of customers for Colantotte Vietnam’s products, as well as the customer’s response e-mails on ordering issues and related items.

2. Share of personal information:
– Except for the use of personal information as set out in this policy, we will not disclose your personal information to third parties for commercial purposes.

3. Access personal information:
– At present, Colantotte Vietnam does not require customers to register personal information to access the website.
– Colantotte Vietnam is committed to protecting your personal information in all possible ways. We will use various information security technologies to protect this information from unauthorized retrieval, use or disclosure.

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