Colantotte is a line of magnetics devices that uses anisotropic permanent magnets in a unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation. Experience the effects of authentic health gear.

Colantotte power magnetic health gear uses anisotropic permanent magnets.

Our unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation is employed in all products, as in this figure, to maximize the magnetic field flow. This allows the effects to span across the surface without creating a dead zone between the magnets. So simply wearing the gear relieves stiffness in that part of the body.

Typical magnetic devices either use magnets with minimal magnetic field penetration or cause like poles to repel, creating a dead zone between the magnets.

Origin of Colantotte

In 1998, Colan Totte Co., Ltd. President and CEO Katsumi Komatsu contemplated whether he could make magnetic support gear that simultaneously cared for the shoulders, back and hip. He was concerned about his ill father, who was bedridden and complained of soreness. Komatsu specifically had in mind a technology that had not existed before: alternating the north-south polarity orientation of the magnets. After trial and error, he created the prototypes pictured here. “I feel better.” His father’s smile made Komatsu happy. With an uncompromising eye for his pursuit of sound devices, Komatsu continues to develop products with the quality and sensibility to accommodate diverse lifestyles.

The quickest way to be happy is to wear a wholehearted smile – this has been Colan Totte’s vision from the start. The desire to have as many people as possible lead healthy, happy lives is the very sprit that creates Colantotte products.

My father’s smile spurred me on to create Colantotte. Having had some knowledge about magnets, I searched for a magnetic therapy device that would help alleviate my bedridden father’s muscle stiffness. I wasn’t happy with the effects of the home magnetic therapy devices available at the time, though, as they used like poles in the same direction. I found that by alternating the magnets’ north-south polarity orientation, the magnetic field flow spanned across a wider surface. My father’s smile when he tried on my prototype gave me the encouragement I needed to take my product to market. It was no easy task, but now I have more items that are making many people happy.

The name Colantotte comes from the Kansai dialect kata korantotte, which translates into “don’t get stiff shoulders.” It embodies my sympathy for a loved one. And it’s a pun. Each time I tell this story, the other person smiles. Smiles are the greatest motivation in life – you become healthy, you become happy, you smile. Colantotte’s happiness is to see our customers’ wholehearted smiles.