Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to feel the effectiveness?

It will take 2 or 3 days, wearing 6-8hours a day. (There is personal differences in felling effectiveness)
*If you feel warm after your worn, it mean blood circulation is going well.
*In case you can’t feel the effectiveness, please have consulted your doctor or physician.

Is there safety standards for magnetics power?

JIS(Japan Industrial Standards) allows magnetics power between 35-200mt for health care products.

Can I use wear them with magnetics products of different brands?

Don’t wear them with other products using magnetics power.

How long will it be effective for?

Magnets effects for semipermanent. But product could degradation depends on using conditions.

What is the features of Colantotte magnets?

Typical magnetic devices either use magnets with minimal magnetic field penetration or cause like poles to repel, creating a dead zone between the magnets. Colantotte uses an Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation to maximize the magnetic field flow.

What if I have a pace maker?

No. As with all magnetic products, no you should not wear a Colantotte, if you have a pacemaker or any other life-sustaining medical device fitted, and should consult your doctor or physician before trying any such products.

What if I have dental implant?

You can wear colantotte.

How long can I wear them?

Colantotte can be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a day. Please take it off when you bedridden and have a back discomfort. We recommend to wear 4-6 hours a day when you wear for the first time.

Can I wear them whilst sleeping?

Yes. But please avoid using long hours with hot-carpets or electric blankets, it will cause degradation of the products. If you feel discomfort while using, please don’t wear whilst sleeping.

What if I am currently pregnant?

Please have consulted your doctor or physician if you are in early pregnant period or just parturition.

How do I clean them if they get dirty?

Please read washing attention of each products. Almost all the products can wash, and you can use it longer if you always remove dirt and sweats on products. Using washing equipments may hearts products surface, we recommend you to wash by hands.

How do I handle leather products?

Please keep it dry, and try not to tighten the products. If it’s get wet by water or sweat, please remove with dry cloth.
Leather could be colorea off depends on using conditions.
Wet condition may caused leather expand or get spot.
Leather color could fade if leave products under sun lights or eletric lights for long hours.
Storage in high humidity conditions may caused leather harden or deformation.

Can chirldren wear Colantotte?

Yes. Be careful when magnets drop off, keep your child away for prevent accidental ingestion.

Can I use while using PC?

Yes. But please avoid using products touching equipments that could be affects by magnetics, it may damage your equipments or data.

Which products recommends for stiff shoulder?

For stiff shouder Tank top MESH will good for stiff, and for stiff neck, necklace products like TAO, CREST, Wackle series will be fine.

What if I have sensitive skin?

Please have consulted your doctor or physician.

Is there any difference between TAO series and others?

Only design difference, otherwise the effectiveness are same as the other series.

Can I wear over under wear?

We don’t recommend you wear over under wear with thick cloth, but it still have effectiveness over cloth like shirts or under wear.

How can I wear multi-suppoter to have best effectiveness?

We recommend you to let magnets come right at your knees. If you have a problem at back-side of your knee, just move your supporters to let magnets contacts the place that you feel the problem.

Can I wear them whilist bathing or showering?

With products with water proof mark, Yes. But please remove sea water, soap or shampoo and keep it clean and dry.
With Mag Titan products, please keep away from water and keep it dry and clean.
For others, please take off whilst bathing and showering.
Please avoid use or keeping all products under hot conditions for long hours.
With MAG TITAN series, except MAG TITAN GRANGE, Yes. But it’s not the “Waterproof” products, please remove water quickly and keep it dry.
For others, please take off whilist bathing or showering.
Please do not keep products under hot environment like sauna for long hours.

Can my pets wear them?

Please watch them not to bite colantotte, there is dangerous when the magnets inside come out, they might eat them.

How do I mend them?

Mix neutral detergent with warm water, wash softly and dry in the shade, use after dryed completely.
Do not use bleachers, or dryer.
Do not put it under water or keep it wet for long hours.
Please read users manual inside the package.
Remove sewat and dirt will help keeping the products well.

Can you tell me about products warranty program?

◆ Content and period of warranty
The warranty period and free repair are determined according to the purchase price as follows:
– From VND 2,000,000 or less: 90 days
– From VND 2,100,000 or higher: 180 days
* The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase.
* For woven products (bras or backers), warranty and free repair are only applied to errors of felt-off magnet.
* We do not carry out warranty for any damaged or contaminated product accessories (e.g packaging) unless the reason of damage occurring during shipping.
Warranty policy only applies to the number of days after the purchase of the product, not calculated under your using times.
Please note that, regardless of frequency of use, the repairs, changes over the warranty period will be charged.

◆ Warranty conditions
The scope of warranty includes cases caused by the manufacturer designs, production (scratches, dust, quality defects, etc.) and when errors are confirmed by the manufacturer. Please note that it may take some time to confirm a manufacturer error.
For warranty service, you need:
1. Warranty card.
2. The product contains all accessories (packaging, instruction manual, etc.) that are not damaged.
3. Seals and packages must be intact and not be removed.

◆ Provisions of waives:
We are not responsible for any of the following errors, defects:
1. Damage caused by the use of products not in accordance with the instructions for use, or notes on use.
2. Incidents, damage caused by the customers themselves modify or repair products.
3. The product is damaged due to environmental and conditions of use.
4. Products is damaged by natural disasters such as fires and earthquakes.

◆ Other provisions:
* In case of no errors by the manufacturer, we will take repair charge.
* For products that have been discontinued, we may not be able to meet the repair requirements for defects in spite that the product is under warranty period.
* The warranty provisions are only valid in Vietnam.
* The warranty terms may be amended without prior notice.